Phoenix Bass Masters, home of “world infamous” PBM Patch Pirates! Put more fun in your fishing, with our small, friendly club-tournaments. We don’t care if your boat is a brand new Vexus with a 40-year loan or an old paid-for whatever, as long as it is at least 16 ft long and has a working livewell, trolling motor and “big” motor. We don’t care whether your boat has Lithiums or NeverStarts or the latest graphs or tv screens on board! And we couldn’t care less whether your shirt, hoodie, jacket, hat or underwear decorations indicate paid sponsors or nice companies from which you buy products or services. But, we do ask members to respect, support and shamelessly pimp our fantastic Club Sponsors (see bottom of this page.

RESIGNATION: Effective today, August 23, Terry B. Johnson has resigned from Phoenix Bass Masters. For club business, please contact another Board member.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2021 PBM Open has moved to December 4, at Lake Pleasant. The tournament headquarters, weigh-in station and raffle will be in the Pleasant Harbor Marina Parking Lot, in or near a special tournament area. We will launch from the South Ramp. Shuttle service will be provided. Post-weigh-in food will be included in the $250 Team Entry. The entry also includes a $25 Big Fish fee for a 100% payback pot. Please see the Annual Open Tournaments link above for more information, including a flyer, an entry form and other details as they become available. Major beneficiaries of this event include C.A.S.T. for Kids, which benefits Special Needs kids, and Fisher House, which benefits veterans in need of health care. Entry forms for the Open must be submitted via email; entry fees must be paid electronically (no fees involved), via Venmo or Zelle. If you plan to overnight at Lake Pleasant for this event, be advised that RV sites and dry-camp sites are filling up quickly with Snowbirds. To reserve a site, call 623.235.6140 and beg. Good luck!

Effective May 4 until further notice, the PBM Board of Directors has revised club guidance on:

(1) Protecting against cross-contamination of COVID-19 in meetings and at the lake. Per CDC Guidance, PBM does not require or enforce wearing masks in outdoor settings, unless you closely approach an individual who asks you to wear one. It’s common courtesy not to violate another person’s “safe space,”  whether or not you agree with their concerns. We also encourage everyone to get CV/COVID-19 vaccinations as soon as possible.

(2) Tournament entries. By Noon on Friday eight days prior to a tournament, each Entrant (Member or Guest) must contact the Draw Tournaments Director (623.764.4438) and respond to six mandatory questions. Guests must also submit a Nonmember Draw Tournament Entry Form. The form is downloadable, and more information about Draw Tournaments is available, on the Tournaments Page (see link at the top of this page).

(3) By the Entry Deadline, all tournament fees must be sent via Venmo or Zelle to mrcurtis323@cox.netthe PBM Treasurer.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact a Board member (Board of Directors Page; see link at the top of this page).

Our August 21 Night Tournament on Canyon Lake is locked and loaded. Seven boats with 13 Entrants.Looks like they MIGHT have good weather (knock on wood). We appreciate the   stormy nights the area has been enjoying lately. This is already one of the wettest Monsoons we have seen in years and the lakes are rising! But clear skies, a light breeze and a near Full Moon can make for some great night fishing.

The Next PBM Club meeting is September 7, beginning at 6:00 pm (sharp!), if we find a place to hold it. COVID-19 and Delta Variant concerns just took away our usual location. Draw Pairings for the next tournament (see below) will be revealed in this meeting. Whether or not we find a location for the meeting, the pairings will be sent to Entrants via email.

The Next PBM Draw Tournament is scheduled for September 11, from 1900 to Midnight, on Apache Lake, launching at Burnt Corral. Apache is a Tonto National Forest lake. Sometimes the on-site permit machines are sketchy, so it’s best to get permit(s) for launching and camping before leaving civilization. An annual permit will save $$$. Attention: As of August 21, new post-fire road washouts have closed access to Apache Lake from both the East and the West. If those are cleaned up, access from the East will open again. Head downriver from Roosevelt Dam. From the Dam, it’s only a 4-5 mi trip over a (mostly) well-graded gravel road. The fee campground there has chaparral shade trees. The Pre-Launch Meeting will be at or near the ramp. The weigh-in will be drive-thru. For Pre-Launch Meeting and Tmx Start/End times, see the Tournaments page (link above) for a Facts Sheet and Maps. P.S. August 21 is still Summer, so be ready for excessive heat loading and storms. Prepare accordingly. HYDRATE!!! If lightning shows up, please don’t wave your graphite fishing rods around.

New Boaters — see Downloads Page for Membership Form.

New Nonboaters — new Nonboaters are not being accepted, as the club tries to restore a better numerical  balance between Boaters and Nonboaters.

Attention Please: Is something on this website screwed up on your display? Let us know, so we can try to fix it. Cell phones seem to be particularly prone to display issues..

phoenix bass masters

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About PBM

Phoenix Bass Masters has fished Arizona waters since 1991. Incorporated in 1994, as a not-for-profit sportsman’s group, our mission is to provide good bass fishing opportunities for members, promote public awareness of bass fishing and support the Arizona Game and Fish Department. We advocate adherence to all conservation codes and water quality standards. We report polluters of public waters and call attention to their misdeeds. Finally, we strive to enhance our boating and fishing skills by sharing information in our meetings and tournaments, and we encourage youth fishing and a love for this great outdoor sport. We believe the best entertainment value here is an annual fishing license from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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